Ervin Habibović


Ervin Habibović

Tema: Performance based marketing campaigns with Influencers


Bio: A performance-based digital marketer who helps brands and influencers monetize their social media content and unlock the full potential of their brand. By the age of 26, he moved upwards of 6 figures on Instagram and Facebook monetization for his clients, and he is working with names such as @theyachtguy (800k fans), dailydose (1.5m fans), Jackson O’Doherty (3.5m fans), Virginia Salas Kastilio (100k fans) and others. “Ever since the whole ‘influencer’ game took off in 2014, I’ve made it my mission to do amazing things that ‘move the needle’ for brands on social media,”.

Sadržaj prezentacije:

  • How to choose The Right influencer
  • Does The size really matter?
  • Setup Paid campaigns in The Right Way
  • Track what matters
  • Scale